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About Memoize London

We are a proudly female founded business by Holly Hutchinson. The Luxury British Perfume brand Memoize London is proudly Made in the UK and since April 2018 we have been evoking memories, Stories, Moments and experiences.

Our Latin named scent provides a key to the Romance languages; we wanted to make our scents universally understood internationally. We use playful compositions in our colourful collection, and metallic finishes for our special extraits for that extra finesse.

Our aim is to provide a divinely luxurious but highly personal backdrop to each and every customers lives, their individual story.

We create fragrances to encapsulate a time, feeling, a moment, an experience, a story. We stimulate our audiences’
imagination and memories and create a thought-provoking conversation. How we do this is with passion, expertise, quality fragrances, ethically and sustainably conscious, unisex scents.

We create fragrances with international appeal. Through our naming convention, our creative passion, and our desire to
inspire with our story telling.

Our customers are those with a conscience, who care about the environment, who appreciate luxury, quality and unique design. Welcome to Memoize London.

Our Diverse Range

Dark Range – This collection features rich and evocative scents, with deep, complex, and intense fragrance notes that create a sense of mystery or intrigue.

Light Range – In this range, our fragrances that are lighter in character but cleverly composed, meaning they are fresh, and well-balanced.

Colour Range – The fragrances in this collection are crafted with playful compositions, with a mix of lively and vibrant scents, using a variety of colourful and imaginative ingredients.

Exclusive Range – This range consists of uber special extraits, which are limited edition perfumes. These are unique and highly sought-after fragrances that have limited availability.

Home Fragrance – In this category, we transform our best-selling scents into candles and room fragrances, providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy their favourite fragrances in their homes.

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Holly is personally involved in every step of the creative process to ensure our global audience receives the best olfactory experiences possible.

  • Sustainability is a core value of Memoize. Our customisable, hand-finished caps are made by independent, artisan craftsmen in Yorkshire using off cuts of oak and walnut, ensuring that nothing is wasted.
  • The rest of our product components and manufacturing is done within an 80 mile radius for the lowest possible impact on the environment.
  • We also ensure we use biodegradable and recyclable packaging across all of our products.
  • Using only the highest quality biodegradable product wrap, we leave our perfumes protected, but also our planet. 85% of all our products is recyclable.
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Memoize London ‘s values include supporting our planet, ensuring our products are sustainably sourced and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We are also proud to support PETA as a Cruelty Free brand. Memoize London is also in process of securing accreditation from Leaping Bunny. None of our products or any of our components used are tested on animals.