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Our two core collections, the Light Range and the Dark Range are two collections of fragrances that mirror one another. The Light Range is designed to be bright and radiant, while the Dark Range is wickedly self-indulgent and opulent. Our ever-growing collection of Exclusives where we let our creativity abound. Whether it’s through unique collaborations or extraordinary

olfactory renderings, this set of scents is all about unparalleled beauty

and unconventional combinations.

Dry Flower Petals
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Sustainability is a core value of Memoize. Our customisable, hand-finished caps

are made by independent, artisan craftsmen in Yorkshire using off cuts of oak and walnut, ensuring that nothing is wasted. The rest of our product components and manufacturing is done within an 80 mile radius for the lowest possible impact on

the environment. We also ensure we use biodegradable and recyclable packaging across all of our products. Using only the highest quality biodegradable product wrap, we leave our perfumes protected, but also our planet. 85% of all our

products is recyclable.

Holly is personally involved in every step of the creative process to ensure our global audience receives the best olfactory experiences possible.


After spending seven years developing niche fragrance products at a global perfume house, Holly Hutchinson founded Memoize London to create perfume with a different approach. The vision was to tailor truly unique and directional perfumes that combine effortless wearability with a personalised, bespoke touch.

To do that, Holly curated a top team of experienced British perfumers, utilising materials sourced from the world’s most reputable material suppliers, to produce a world class collection of scents.


" Memoize London is an extension of my own personal love of fragrance, exclusivity and quality.

I hope you
'll enjoy wearing our perfumes as much as I have enjoyed creating them "  

Memoize London 's values include supporting our planet, ensuring our products are sustainably sourced and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. 


We are also proud to support PETA as a Cruelty Free brand.


Memoize London is also in process of securing accreditation from Leaping Bunny.

None of our products or any of our

components used are tested on animals.

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