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About Us


The founder and creative visionary of Memoize London, Holly Hutchinson is one of the new, hot and in demand breeds of creative directors who knows how to create truly unique and commercial perfumes.

Whilst Holly learnt the craft in the classic fashion, by developing niche fragrance products for over 7 years in a top global fragrance house, she now prefers to create using a different approach. Crafting a brand in a more directional, disruptive, individual and contemporary way.

This special formula manifests itself across the whole process from start to finish; curating a team of highly experienced and revered British perfume partners, the unique & rare materials sourced to ensure the highest quality long lasting products, and Hollys innate sense of style, taste and appreciation of the exclusivity which clients and customers alike demand. Holly personally ensures this is delivered from every interaction with the product.

This potent mix of quality, commerciality and originality means that these creations are being increasingly sought by a discerning global audience, looking for a bespoke touch, individuality, world class quality and sustainability which is a core value to the brand.

Memoize London partnered with the influencer Rowan Row in 2019, to collaborate on an exciting scent project. Collaboratively creating an impressionable scent with a personal connection to Rowan Row’s past. We sought inspiration from his travels and personal experiences and from this we have designed and created a unique and wearable scent; Imperia.

His first truly interactive collaboration and the first product to bare his name. 

​This scent echoes of many years gone by, my journeys, my travels, my developments. Like a phoenix from the ashes, I rose... through inner strength, determination and inner belief, we all have the power within... 

With a core strength of citrus the scent is created around the base of rich woods and Amber. The smell of citrus in ancient times was a status symbol, a sign of luxury and power this is how this scent makes me feel. The lavender and mint, act as a representation of calm when times have been challenging, The rich leather evokes memories of the best moments in life, it comforts by its proximity to the body and excites at the same time, being so primitive, so natural, and again so sensual. The woods have always kept me grounded and focussed. 

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