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Our Perfumers

Mylène Alran

Mylène Alran was the creative perfumer behind Ghzalh Extrait. Working from a brief provided by our founder Holly Hutchinson, Mylène conjured her magic to develop a rich and intense perfume for the Memoize London brand.
“Those very deep notes, with an earthy finish, enrich fragrances with a strong impact.”

Mylène’s creative imagination thrives throughout her travels. Nature is the spring from which Mylène’s olfactive concepts flow, owing to her upbringing in the South-West of France and its verdant forests. Raw materials, often from woodland, feature heavily in Mylène’s Compositions.

Mylène brought expertise and innovation to our newest exclusive perfume.

Christian Provenzano

Christian Provenzano is a master craftsman of the highest standard. Responsible for 6 of our treasured compositions, Christian’s ingenuity and individuality sets Memoize fragrances apart from the other niche brands. Christian has an undisputed reputation for creating successful and original compositions.

He is based in Dubai where he leads a team of 30 perfumers worldwide. He is recognized as an authority on Oriental and Arabic fragrances with major successes in this sector.

Elsewhere, Christian has created winning fragrances for Agent Provocateur, Killian, Jasper Conran and many others.

Christian is a truly inspirational perfumer with a passion and dedication for fragrance.

Elise Pierre

Elise Pierre is from Normandy, France, where the countryside and beautiful sea coast inspired her scent journey.

She has been passionate about the fragrance world since early childhood, and at the age of 11, discovered the job of a Perfumer.

She qualified in 2015 and Masters degree in ISIPCA (Perfumery, Cosmetic school) in Versailles.

Now in the UK, she is a qualified perfumer, who has worked closely with Memoize London to develop beautiful creations that are full of energy and vigour.

We continue to work with new perfumers, to support an encourage newness, and creativity in the perfume industry.

Kamila Lelakova

Kamila is a new generation perfumer, her perfumery background is a blend of classical training interwoven with varied multicultural experiences.

“I carry a love of Middle Eastern fragrance materials with me, materials such as the richly animalic oudh oil and my favourite, sandalwood, with its soft, creamy character.”

Growing up surrounded by the beautiful mountains and green pine forests of Eastern Europe Kamila was surrounded by the richness of nature that continues to inspire her fragrance creations today.

Kamila has been involved in the evolution of Memoize London, developing a number of our amazing perfumes.

Barbara Zoebelein

“I routinely work with a spirit of intuition and discovery in my designs”, admits Barbara, reflecting on the role of serendipity in her playful perfumery approach. “It’s important not to be consumed by your own ego and tastes, it’s about considering what speaks to the consumers’ hearts.”

Barbara is never one to turn down a challenge, whether it involves working in a new product segment or within a tight framework and discovering new horizons by being pushed to new limits. “It’s the greatest joy to smell your fragrance on someone, knowing we add a little whimsical touch of magic to someone’s daily life”, muses Barbara. Raised both in the Bavarian mountains, and in Dusseldorf, Barbara was never far from nature nor city life and discovered her world by nose from early on. After finishing high school, Barbara went to Milan in order to learn Italian, landed a lab job in a fragrance company for a year, evaluating and applying fragrances, and was forever hooked! Inspiration often comes to Barbara as a “cornucopia of olfactive and emotional impressions from nature”, with a penchant for spices, fruits, woods, and moss.

A cultured traveller, Barbara has lived in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, the US, France, and Hong Kong, emerging with a keen interest for languages, a zest for discovery, a love of Asia and a desire to speak the olfactive language of different cultures, as a mode of “olfactive shapeshifting.” “Being a perfumer is a gift I am very grateful for, it has made my life so rich”, confesses Barbara, who approaches life and creation with an open heart and a never ending curiosity for new paths.

Christine Hassan

A connoisseur of culture, Christine’s introduction to the wondrous world of perfumery began in 2007. Christine’s ever-present passion for fragance continued to blossom, as she began a perfumer apprenticeship while simultaneously completing her masters in perfumery at ISIPCA. “Perfumery has always played a big part in my identity”, notes Christine, It was through fragrance that she unlocked her confidence and self-expression during her adolescent years and now seeks to inspire joy through her creations. Through her effervescent style, Christine strives, with every note and facet, to create a magical moment that connects with the wearer’s emotions and personality.

Trained in scultpure and cinematography, Christine’s designs also serve as an ode to the innumerable art-garnished corridors of the galleries, museums and exhibitions where she often likes to dwell. In each and every one of her unique formulations, Christine’s cultivated, sunny spirit shines through.

Jan Fockenbrock

“Perfumery is like composing music”, muses Jan, “it’s made up of a few basic accords that come together to produce something that stirs your emotions.” An introverted guitar player and art aficionado with a lively imagination, Jan often imagines how a scent might smell before the creative process has begun, taking joy in experimenting and adopting a minimalist approach. Having grown up in Holzmiden, Jan’s introduction to perfumery was through his sister, with a nearby manufacturer of fragrances and flavours allowing Jan to encounter wonderful scents across his hometown. Soon, Jan would arrange displays in a department store, eventually attending perfumery school, where a teacher would show him the basics of developing florals such as rose, jasmines and lily of the valley.

Having worked and lived in Germany, Singapore, the US and the Netherlands, Jan emerged not only with experience in several fields, but with a fondness for Amsterdam’s unique canals and cool crowds, as well as New York, Australia and New Zealands. Denmark was the site of his holidays as a child, where he would grow to love the smell of a burning campfire.” Besides the creative freedom I have, the thing I love most about my job is the surprise I get when creating something new”, notes Jan, “the anticipation is like opening presents at Christmas.”

Elodie Durande

Meet Elodie Durande, a French Perfumer whose journey into the captivating world of scents began in a
quaint countryside village in Normandy, France, where she spent her childhood. With a creative mind
and a rational scientist’s brain, perfumery emerged as the perfect fusion of both her passions.
Elodie’s academic journey led her to study chemistry before she embarked on a transformative two- year Perfumery course at the University of Montpellier, France. During this pivotal period, she immersed herself in the fragrant world of Grasse, working as an intern. Fate intervened when she encountered Master Perfumer François Robert on the Île Sainte-Marguerite. From that moment, François became her mentor, guiding her on the path to realizing her dream of becoming a Perfumer. In February 2014, Elodie commenced her journey with Quintessence Fragrances as an intern. Swiftly rising through the ranks, she joined the evaluation team within six months. Three years later, an opportunity to continue her training as a Junior Perfumer presented itself, with François as her mentor. In January 2019, she officially earned the title of Perfumer.
Elodie finds joy in the perpetual process of learning.

A self-proclaimed globetrotter, she draws inspiration from her travels, reveling in the diverse cultures and natural wonders our planet has to offer. Her unique ability lies in finding beauty in the ordinary, turning the “ugly” into a masterpiece through the transformative art of perfumery. With a palette boasting hundreds of ingredients, Elodie is captivated by the alchemical process of discovering the hidden charm of scents that may challenge conventional notions. She perceives scents not just as fragrances but as textures, shapes, and colors, infusing each creation with a multidimensional allure.

Her mission is to craft fragrances that transcend the olfactory senses, eliciting emotions and transporting individuals to distant landscapes or cherished memories. Beyond perfumery, Elodie’s eclectic tastes manifest in an array of hobbies, from cooking and pottery to leather work and acroyoga. Her life rhythm is complemented by a love for music, series, films, and the serene embrace of paddleboarding.

Olivia Jan

As a child, long before knowing perfumery as a profession, Olivia Jan used to steep flowers in water to extract the fragrant oils. Contact with nature was customary for one who grew up in the heart of a natural park in north-east France, where each season had a smell: lilac and honeysuckle in the spring, fir needles heated in the summer sun, wet ground in fall and winter. Even today, she devotes a particular love to natural raw materials “which have a story to tell and bring depth”: softness of mimosa, floral freshness of jasmine sambac, power of patchouli…This green-fingered city dweller grows all kinds of aromatic plants on her rooftop terrace.

Her sensitivity to nature and the elements shines through in her compositions, often inspired by the atmospheres or sensations one feels in certain places. Constantly on the lookout for new pairings, she loves experimenting with unexpected encounters between ingredients and letting herself be surprised by them, right up to the test that will make her heart beat faster.

Trostam Badard

After studying chemistry at university, Tristan Badard went to Montpellier – the former perfume capital – to specialize in perfumery and flavours. As part of this training, he worked in Grasse and in Beijing. Through these experiences, he discovered two sides of the fragrance industry: traditional perfumery and a more modern approach to the art. After a short work experience in flavours at Omega Ingredients, Tristan moved to Quintessence Fragrances in 2014 and has worked at the interface between analytical perfumery and creative perfumery for several years.

“Working as an analyst perfumer has really impacted the way I formulate fragrances.
Analysing fragrances from different markets and for different applications has allowed me
to gain considerable knowledge and made me a versatile perfumer who can work on pretty
much any technical project. Analytical perfumery also helped me consolidate my knowledge
of natural and synthetic ingredients, a valuable asset when I work on creative briefs.”
Following these years as an analyst perfumer, Tristan has joined the House of Quintessence,
an in-house fragrance atelier built for the limited editions, the artisanal exclusives and the
up-and-coming indie perfume brands.

Tristan’s favourite smells include tuberose flowers – an opulent scent encountered many
times during the year he spent working at Quintessence Fragrances India – labdanum, leather and honey.

“I create fragrances the same way I paint; by using colours and layers,” explains Tristan. “For
me, each ingredient – natural or synthetic – has a colour, a texture, a way to resonate and
diffuse, and that is how I construct my creations.”

Valerir Garnuch-Mentze

Raised in the Northeast of France in Metz, Valerie was never too distant from German borders, where she’d one day return all these years later. As a child, Valerie was forever one to smell aromatic plants in her garden, with a closeness to nature that would endure into her adult years. Indeed, Valerie can often be found in her garden, doing Pilates or swimmimg, finding inspiration in the senses of internal harmony she gains from being amid the natural world, with the vast beaches of the North Sea occupying a special place in her heart.

It was after completing her studies that Valerie discovered perfumery school, having done everything in her power to attend. “I realized that working in a lab as a pure scientist was not for me”, notes Valerie, whose prolific career has allowed her to live in the likes of Bavaria and New York. Valerie’s boldness and joie de vivre are reflected in her creations, approaching the aristic process with certainty and a willingness to overcome challenges: “Generally, my designs have a strong and sparkling presence, and are composed of darking ingredients.” With a particular penchant for powerful and dark raw materials, Valerie favoures notes of benzoin, cistus, patchouli and above all, frankincence and cardamom, ever experimenting to strike the perfect balance. Valeriries’ fondness for rich scenets extends to everyday smells such as fresh coffeem evocative of homeliness and warmth.

All in all, “I feel blessed to be able to practice my passion as a profession. Each time I smell a sample, I discover how the scent has translated from my throughts.”