• At Memoize we offer the full design and development service of all bespoke scented and fragrance products, all made within the UK with sustainable suppliers preffered.

  • We create commercially attractive and desirable products that are in-line with your brands vision and and positioning in the market.

  • We work on your concept from creation to fragrance development, bottle deign and packaging through to completed design and manufacture as well as storage and fulfilment. 

  • Finding the right manufacturing partner can be difficult, we provide clients with a one-stop solution and contact point - pulling together the best of the best for their product ranges without the hassle of juggling the many suppliers these products have.

  • Using our extensive network we find the right partners for your journey so you don’t have to, allowing your products to remain competitive and high quality.

  • We are the only point of contact you need to have. We run full management of the product lifecycle. For you this reduces complexity, increases speed to market and ensures the delivery of consistent, high quality products.


  • Creating your own product or brand has many benefits. It can bring added commercial value to your business, could be a Lucrative addition to your existing product offering , highly giftable, drives impulse purchases, increases time spent in store & opportunity to cross-sell.

  • Having your own product raises brand awareness and can strengthen your brad's image. Enabling you to leverage the power of scent to leave a memorable, lasting impression.

  • You can Elevate your brands experience on customers. 

  • Scent triggers powerful memories and experiences. Connect with consumers on a truly personal level by creating an emotional connection.

  • Drive brand loyalty - through a personalised, recognisable scent that will entice consumers to return to your brand time and time again.

  • We Make it simple for you. Memoize takes full ownership of the product development cycle to reduce complexity, increase speed to market and ensure the delivery of consistent, high quality products.


  • A TAILORED APPROACH - Highly customized product design that maintains brand identity and integrity

  • A TRUE PARTNERSHIP - Understanding clients’ objectives and vision. It’s about building long-lasting relationships with clients, accompanying them throughout the whole process

  • THE TEAM - Creative flair combined with commercial acumen

  • Years of experience in product development, understanding of consumers, marketing, retail, distribution, social media…

  • FRAGRANCE EXPERTISE - Memoizeis a luxury perfume brand - Extensive knowledge of fragrance market, trends and consumer needs, to create unique and competitive products

  • TRUSTED PARTNERS An extensive network of contacts - World renowned perfumers, fragrance houses, suppliers and manufacturers to meet your needs

  • SOURCE HIGHEST QUALITY OF INGREDIENTS - Made in the UK stamp - Sustainable ingredients

  • WE CAN HELP TAKE YOU TO MARKET - With our expert team, we can guide, introduce and manage contacts to aide you on your path to a successful retail venture.


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