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Christian Provenzano is a master craftsman of the highest standard. Responsible for 6 of our treasured compositions, Christian's ingenuity and individuality sets Memoize fragrances apart from the other niche brands. Christian has an undisputed reputation for creating successful and original compositions. He is based in Dubai where he leads a team of 30 perfumers worldwide. He is recognized as an authority on Oriental and Arabic fragrances with major successes in this sector.

Elsewhere, Christian has created winning fragrances for Agent Provocateur, Killian, Jasper Conran and many others.

Christian is a truly inspirational perfumer with a passion and dedication for fragrance.


Kamila is a new generation perfumer, her perfumery background is a blend of classical training interwoven with varied multicultural experiences.

“I carry a love of Middle Eastern fragrance materials with me, materials such as the richly animalic oudh oil and my favourite, sandalwood, with its soft, creamy character.”

Growing up surrounded by the beautiful mountains and green pine forests of Eastern Europe Kamila was surrounded by the richness of nature that continues to inspire her fragrance creations today.

Kamila has been involved in the evolution of Memoize London, developing a number of our amazing perfumes.


Mylène Alran was the creative perfumer behind Ghzalh Extrait. Working from a brief provided by our founder Holly Hutchinson, Mylène conjured her magic to develop a rich and intense perfume for the Memoize London brand.

“Those very deep notes, with an earthy finish, enrich fragrances with a strong impact.”

Mylène’s creative imagination thrives throughout her travels. Nature is the spring from which Mylène’s olfactive concepts flow, owing to her upbringing in the South-West of France and its verdant forests. Raw materials, often from woodland, feature heavily in Mylène’s Compositions.

Mylène brought expertise and innovation to our newest exclusive perfume.

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 09.47.38.png

Elise Pierre is from Normandy, France, where the countryside and beautiful sea coast inspired her scent journey.

She has been passionate about the fragrance world since early childhood, and at the age of 11, discovered the job of a Perfumer. 

She qualified in 2015 and Masters degree in ISIPCA (Perfumery, Cosmetic school) in Versailles. 

Now in the UK, she is a qualified perfumer, who has worked closely with Memoize London to develop beautiful creations that are full of energy and vigour.

We continue to work with new perfumers, to support an encourage newness, and creativity in the perfume industry.

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