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Autumn is upon us...

As the weather changes, the nights grow closer, the clouds grow greyer and the temperature cools.

Making the transition into autumn with your fragrance wardrobe is an interesting adventure.

If you have an all year round signature scent, then one very unique and quite clever option is the use of layering fragrances over one another to create a different scent.

All of the memoize London dark range fragrances were carefully created to evoke interesting moods and emotions, to entice thoughts and memories from the past, and to create new memories from now and into the future. We have a range of perfumes that are perfect for enabling you to layer your perfumes, giving them a new and interesting dynamic and giving you the option of having a truly personal scent. For instance, combining Luxuria and Era, makes an incredibly evocative and rich scent with beautiful fruit and floral notes, with a musty rich warm undertone which is just perfect for the autumnal weather.

We create the most luxurious and unique British scents, it’s no surprise that the perfumes are to dedicated a collection to the memorable moments in life.

Wear your perfume with pride, confidence and individuality.


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