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Niche Perfume, what does it mean?

Memoize London Luxury Niche Perfumes

‘Niche’ is the term coined to describe rare types of perfumes. Niche perfumes exude an interesting and special kind of scent that is difficult to find.

The time it takes to create these fragrances shows a dedication to the perfume industry. It is the intricacy of every scent and every note from top, middle and base. The design features such as the ergonomics of the bottle, the luxury atomiser, the hand carved solid oak cap - each one different and unique. Yes, they come with a higher price point than mass-market fragrances, but nevertheless, perfume aficionados find great value in every drop of our scents. Niche perfumes may not be too pricey when you consider the quality and lasting scent that it offers.

Niche perfumes are famed for their use of rare and exquisite oils, and use of new and unusual materials. They have all got a story behind them - which creates a depth to the product. Niche perfumers are very strict in using higher concentrations of perfume extracts and more natural ingredients to create an awesome sensation and one of a kind experience each time the fragrance bottle is opened. This also aides to the longevity and sillage of a perfume.

Niche perfume is the choice between common and unusual. A choice between ordinary and special. Choosing your scent can tell your story; you are in the best position to know what suits you best.

We as a niche brand are very selective of where we choose to be sold. We have a careful strategy and sales map where we align ourselves to be presented to customers. Our brand partners are our representatives, and as a niche brand we select only the best retailers to work with.


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