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Tristitia, the Inspiration

As a child I was always on the go, fleeting from school, to swimming lessons, to dance classes. As I got older, it didn’t really change much, I’m always busy!

One thing that I have avidly stuck to, is my Sunday morning ritual. It’s the only time I truly dedicate for me to relax and unwind. To be a little bit selfish with my time. This has been a habit since being a child. Refusing to get out of bed and wanting some ‘me’ time.

When I worked with the perfumer on developing this fragrance I wanted to create a scent to relive this ongoing memory. When I smell the delicate notes of florals and vanilla, I feel my head buried deep under the sheets soaking up every moment of rest and relaxation.

Ever since my fiancé and I got together he always bought me flowers from Chapel market on a Sunday morning. Roses when I am lucky.

The notes of rose and white jasmine piece together the perfect Sunday morning cocooning myself in luxury.

All you need is the warmth of the bright sunshine bleeding through the curtains to show you today is going to be glorious. Tristitia warms your senses with sumptuous Amber and oud making this a Sunday to remember.

The essence of calm, relaxation and pure leisure. Reminiscent of of a lazy Sunday morning, cocooning you in floral and vanilla scented sheets, no need to rise, the amber is keeping you warm...


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