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Why do we love perfume so much?

memories of perfume

Well for me, it’s all down to my mum. As a child she used to collect unusual perfume. She always had an incredible nose and selected some phenomenal scents that still throw me back in time to my childhood. When I was 7 she bought me my first collection of miniature perfumes, then I picked from the collection, my favourite perfume which was in a crystal shaped bottle and smelt sweet and girly – it was Chopard wish. I felt so grown up to have my own perfume. Every year she would buy me a new scent to add to my collection.

Our sense of smell, when presented with a particular scent, can trigger memories and evoke emotion; the olfactory function allows us to make these connections. A favourite scent memory from childhood is my mother’s perfume, Cerruti 1881, which she only wore when she was going out or for special occasions. As soon as the scent began to waft through the house I knew that my mother would appear looking glamorous and I associate the smell with grown- up elegance. As a child I was fascinated by the beautiful perfume bottle with its frosted glass and unusual shape. I was even allowed to play with it! My mum recently did a big house clear out and she came across the original bottle that she had when i was a child. It was a magical moment for us to both recall the past.

My grandma used to wear Anais Anais by Cacharel. Super floral with Rose lily and Jasmine. Sadly she passed away in 2015, but I feel like she is sat right next to me when I open her jewellery box, her scent still lingers…

The whole concept of Memoize London focuses on our memories bound by scent.
The name being derived from the French word for ‘memories’.
This powerful connection between scent and memory is intertwined and reaches deep within all of us. As a brand, Memoize London understands the importance of creating a perfectly harmonious balance between fragrances and how they make people feel, including notes that many would remember from their childhood, adolescence and beyond. These scents will become the basis of future memories, too. It is a brand and concept very close to my heart.


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