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GULA 2ml



The essence of pleasure-seeking and self indulgence. A fragrance of sumptuous vanilla, absorbing orange, rich clove and delicate lavender... Gula is an immeasurable mix of thought provoking scents providing unrestrained gratification for your appetites, desires, or whims.


A complex fragrance, combining sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and black musk, interlaced with spices, jasmin and aromatic herbs. Sweet orange, galbanum and lavender form the top notes of this scent.


2ml Extrait De Parfum, 25% Oil Concentrate

GULA 2ml

  • Top note – Sweet Orange, Galbanum, Lavender

    Middle note - Clove, Red Thyme, Jasmin

    Base note – Sandalwood Vetiver, Vanilla, Black Musk

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