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IMPERIA; noun, plural im·pe·ri·a [im-peer-ee-uh]

Command; supreme power, strength.


The essence to command, with supreme power and strength. This scent is empowering, bold and impactful. It is a statement you are making to your peers. A scent that takes you back to memories of long journeys, both metaphorical and physical. Arduous and challenging, this scent brings out your inner power and grounds you. Surround yourself in Imperia...


A sparkling citrus lemon and bergamot, mingle with a rich aromatic fougere accord in the heart built around clary sage, lavender and cool mint. A decadent base of black amber, diffusive leather and spiced woods infused earthy moss accords underpins the blend.


7.5ml Extrait De Parfum, 25% Oil Concentrate


  • Top notes – Citrus, lemon, green
    Middle notes – aromatic, fougere, lavender, clary sage, mint

    Base notes – Amber, leather, woods, musk, moss

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