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Memoize London

Our aim is to provide a divinely luxurious but highly personal backdrop to each and every customers lives, their individual story. We create fragrances to encapsulate a time, feeling, a moment, an experience, a story. We stimulate our audiences’ imagination and memories and create a thought-provoking conversation. How we do this is with passion, expertise, quality fragrances, ethically and sustainably conscious, unisex scents. We create fragrances with international appeal. Through our naming convention, our creative passion, and our desire to inspire with our story telling. Our customers are those with a conscience, who care about the environment, who appreciate luxury, quality and unique design. Welcome to Memoize London.

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EAU.MG, is a British, niche, contemporary perfume brand, made in the UK. We are a brand which makes a statement – Be Bold. We use the highest quality oils, from a wealth of talented perfumers, with striking simplicity and minimalism, our scents are effortlessly yet stylishly designed and crafted to be as bold as you want to be. We push the boundaries with you and we set our own rules, together. We are expressive and individual. We are innovative, ever-evolving, future-facing, with our bold, bright, vivid use of colours, extrait de parfum scents which last 8-12 hours with great projection, playful use of words, artistic and expressive design through unique cap design (no two are the same) and coloured fragrance juice. We give people a vehicle to express their creativity, bringing ‘Oh my God!’ to the mind and bringing it to the perfume world, creating deliciously niche yet commercial fragrances.


Adscenture Range

Adscenture, is a niche fragrance house, founded in London, United Kingdom and from our roots, we are an adventurous perfume brand on a never-ending journey through scent. We transport you to new places, new experiences, new scents and new adscentures. Working with some of the best perfumers based in the UK to craft our scents, our pool of knowledge, experience, creativity and daring attitude, we form amazing scents to transport your imagination to far away places. We are creatives, a little off the wall, and make great fragrances with courageous designs. We are playful, expressive and intuitive, with a funky design eye, that catches your attention.

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We develop scents which leave a lasting impression. Our range is curated by a selection of high-quality perfumers. We seek to uncover the perameters of perfumery. We are creative, unique, and a new vision in scent. Our craftmen make our caps by hand and our production is completed in the uk.

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